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What coaches will be at the event?

The coaching list will not be finalized and confirmed till the week prior to the event.  We can not give a 100% guarantee a specific coach will be at the event.

Is my son/athlete eligible to register for this event?

All of our events are open to any and all registrants. Please see event specific page for age groups offered. All events have a limited capacity and registration shall be booked on a first come first serve basis, no exceptions.

My son is a FOGO - how should I register him?

We do not have a specific face-off position. You will be able to face-off, but you also have to play as a field player.

When will I receive event info / team assignment?

Event specific details will be sent via email within one week prior to the event. Everything you need to know will be encompassed in that email. Please do not reach out asking when you will get that email as it will only slow down the delivery process. The events typically run in the 9am - 4pm time window.

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Due to the nature of events and risk of unforeseeable circumstances such as weather, has a strict no refund policy after registration

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